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The Seventh-day Adventists Church is a Christian denomination, whose utmost desire is to present Jesus Christ to the world. We believe in the biblical teaching that Jesus is coming soon to return for His faithful ones, as this world is heading for destruction.

This event is sooner than one may anticipate. We strongly believe that God has called the advent people, to proclaim this good news to this last generation. Our beliefs and lifestyle, is reflective of the fulfillment of this mission.

Following Biblical counsel we make every attempt to prepare for this glorious event by developing a character that is not only exemplary here on earth but one that also prepares us for eternal life in heaven. We aim to be of encouragement and service to others, sharing all that God has entrusted to us.

We invite each and every person interested in sharing in this mission to join us as we fulfill God’s great commission entrusted to this last generation.

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