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OUR Free Book Offers

We have books that we offer to you or your family, some of them FREE of charge for your bible studies and to get to know
Jesus closer. Books are in Hungarian.


FREE The book The Great Struggle is more than a reflection of the past. Through the clairvoyance of biblical prophecy, the scenario of the final conflict is presented to us in a unique and masterful way.


FREE This book, then, answers the deepest torments of all people and offers hope that God will eventually intervene and save all who loved and waited for Him.


FREE A nagy küzdelem (Ellen G. White) Index

A nagy küzdelem - Ellen G. White

This book has already been translated into many languages ​​around the world and has not lost any of its popularity since its first publication. The secret is in prophetic power. Although he lists the events of human history, he looks at the events with a biblical eye. The veil covering the world is lifted to see that history is not just a series of human acts, but God’s action for us, for everyone. The book shows a special picture of the Creator God of the world, who is fighting behind the scenes for man to finally win the crown of salvation.


Jézus élete Ellen G. White Writing Front Cover


Jézus élete Ellen G. White Writing Back Cover


Jézus élete Ellen G. White Writing Index

The Life of Jesus - Ellen GWhite

Ellen Gould White was born in Gorham on November 26, 1827, and she died in St. Helena on July 16, 1915. 

E.G. White has always written with the utmost care, but none of his books have been more capturing to the readers than this book. She had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, her beloved Saviour, which made her a suitable instrument. 

The writings of E.G. White guide us through the Scriptures. The life story of Jesus is unique; It is not comparable to other human fates. He came to earth to serve his creations. In this book, we meet a selfless friend, an understanding helper, a greatest doctor and teacher, who brings and offers the only solution to our problems.

If interested in our books (more selection is coming soon), please contact our pastor Harold Novac to arrange a book delivery.

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