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In 1958, there were already a few Hungarian Adventist families in the Toronto area, who were worshipping each Sabbath within the services of the Yugoslavian church. Pastor Sleher who was the Yugoslavian pastor then, welcomed them with open arms in the old Ukrainian chapel in which they met.

The congregation was officially organized by pastor Charles Sohlman, a well-known Hungarian pastor in the year 1965. In his retirement years, pastor Sohlman lived in the State of New York, United States. His regular visits to Toronto were always coupled with evangelistic series and crusades. It was only a matter of time before the small group was officially established to carry the glimmer of light bestowed upon them, to Hungarians living in the Toronto area.

Right after the establishment of the small congregation, pastor Bill Lenart, Yugoslavian-born but of Hungarian origin, took over the leadership role of the church. Although pastor Sohlmann continued to assist and embrace the church with his crusades, pastor Lenart along with his wife Nina and members of the congregation continued to labour tirelessly to ensure God's word is audible in Toronto. He was known to be one of the most patient and longest-serving pastor of the congregation's history.

During the first 2-3 years the congregation met at the old Ukrainian Seventh-Day Adventist church building. Later on, the church moved over to 506 College Street, renting one of the chapels at the Portuguese Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Both locations were a few streets of each other within the downtown Toronto core.

In 1978, after pastor Lenart's retirement pastor Leslie Szerecz took over the pastorship. Along with his wife Eva and three children, they too fully dedicated themselves to the service of the Lord and the Hungarian community. During his time the church membership grew to a membership of over 50. He was a pastor well-known for his concern and care of the widowed, elderly, and the sick. 

1983 brought about the transfer of pastor Szerecz and the opportunity of pastor Imre Mora to further the work of the Lord in Toronto. Along with his wife Ilona, although having to commute from Barrie for all church events, they continued to uphold the group's mission and continued to dedicate their time to the Hungarian community.

In 1989 pastor Julius Kalmar replaced pastor Mora. Although his wife Vera and two young sons did not speak Hungarian, they have embraced the Hungarian congregation with dedication and service. During the coming months, it has become all the more difficult for members and pastor alike to attend services in the downtown Toronto area due to parking and traffic difficulties. As a result, in the summer of 1989, the church has moved to 2395 Bayview Avenue, renting the chapel of the Bob Rumball Center.

After only one year of service, pastor Kalmar was transferred to serve an English church. For the next 4 years (1990-1994) the church was lacking Hungarian pastoral leadership and support. The brethren persevered and continued to meet from Sabbath to Sabbath under the great leadership of sister Katalin Horvath who was asked to serve in the interim. Each year the Ontario Conference ensured that the church was overseen by various pastors: Clayton Stanvic (1991), Barry Hubbley (1992), and Ilijah Beslic (1993).

During this time of need, Lord Supper services were provided by pastors Milovan Bogomirovic and Gerrard Christiansen. Brothers Marton Horvath, Arthur Kiziak, Jagos Ivanovic, Rory MacIntosh, sister Daniella Drabik, and pastor Edward Johnson were always willing to speak the word of God... The congregation, amongst numerous obstacles and great difficulties, continued to witness to the Hungarian community and the City of Toronto.

The fall of 1994 brought about great joy as we welcomed pastor Andrew Kapusi into our midst.  Along with his wife Julie and three children (Andy, Monika, and Willy), they have been an answer to prayer when they arrived from Virginia, United States.

In the summer of 2000, close to the GC session that was held in Toronto, we sadly learned that pastor Kapusi had received a transfer from our church. In his absence, the congregation was without pastoral leadership for almost one year, when in February of 2001 our prayers were answered. Pastor Károly (Charles) Nagy has been granted a transfer to Toronto from the Romanian Union and was welcomed by the Ontario Conference. Along with his wife Cristina and two teenage children, they have dedicated their lives and service to the congregation. He and his wife Christina served the church for 18 years.

In 2019 Pastor Harold Novak and his wife Irina took over the pastoral leadership of the church, and currently they are serving our community within the Greater Toronto Area.

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